Is to protect and rescue children from sex trafficking by raising awareness, promoting personal safety and providing support to rescued victims and their families.


Our Children’s Keeper foundation, aims to raise awareness of the child sex-trafficking epidemic in Atlanta and across the world. We aim to help families financially, by assisting them with private investigation & attorney fees, and sometimes burial costs. We try to really capture the inner beauty essence on the prevention side. The objective is to prevent it from happening, and prevent them from being vulnerable and susceptible to certain risk factors, then that’s something we can do to help strengthen our community.The perception of societies was that,a sex trafficked victim, usually comes from a dysfunctional home where the father wasn’t there or both parents on drugs, latchkey kids, abandoned. But research indicates that we have kids that come from homes fully functional, middle-class, where both parents are fully engaged with them and they still fall victim to sex trafficking, where a trafficker makes over $35,000

Sex trafficking, for the first part, is someone being taken against their will and exploiting them through different sex acts. What’s going on here in Atlanta, and why Atlanta is such a major hub, is due to the fact that we’re growing so fast here. We have the largest international airport in the country and a huge entertainment district. Society thinks that sex trafficking is more prevalent in third-world countries No, it’s not. Sex trafficking is happenning right here in Cobb County, right here in Dekalb County, right here in Fulton. It’s happening right now and they’re taking children as young as 10 years old. The foundation have witnessed victims as young as 5 years old, that are kidnapped and being groomed to be victims and traffickers.

Our Children’s Keeper Foundation, was created to help eradicate modern day slavery and sex trafficking of vulnerable individuals of all races: most importantly Black children. The foundation will strive to locate, recover abducted and missing children in Atlanta and beyond. Our Children’s Keeper aims to prevent the sexual exploitation of vulnerable individuals, black youths and will continue to assist current victims, to integrate back in their communities, regain confidence, strength and mental stability beyond the limitations of their current state.

Our Chidren’s Keeper foundation is dedicated to “BEING THE VOICE FOR THE MISSING & VOICELESS” by providing a platform of hope for the overwhelming number of missing persons of colour. Together, we can and will make a difference and bring OUR children home!

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Posted by Genise Shelton on Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Often a time society wonders why victims of sex trafficking do not escape when they have an opportunity. This is because Sex Traffickers use Bio-Psycho-Social methods of abuse, in keeping victims controlled and submissive. Traffickers manipulate and violently threaten victims that their families or loved ones will get killed, if they try to escape or report to the authorities 

Must be mentioned that both males and females are victims of this inhumane act sex trafficking, Society sometimes imagines that, only females are victims, while males are either the trafficker or buyer.

Research indicates that boys account for about 45% of child trafficking victims in New York, while another study found that boys make up about 36% of children in the U.S entered into the sex trade. The belief that males should be strong enough to fight off traffickers/abductors is why they are not been identified as victims. The fear of shame and/or being seen as weak, impedes these males( boys and men)  from speaking up when exploitation does happen.

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