Donations will enable , Our Children’s Keeper Foundation to raise awareness of trafficking and potentially reduce the number of children being attacked, kidnapped and trafficked.

The United Nations General Assembly reiterates its strong condemnation of trafficking in persons, especially women and children, which constitutes an offence and a serious threat to human dignity and physical integrity, human rights and development,

Your Donation will help in Preventing trafficking at the community level by creating awareness of the risks of sex trafficking.

There are concerns that, despite sustained measures taken at the international, regional and national levels, trafficking in persons remains one of the grave challenges facing the international community, which also impairs the enjoyment of human rights and needs a more concerted collective and comprehensive international response,

Your collaboration will enable Our Children’s Keeper Foundation, to support children who have been trafficked and help them return home and reintegrate into their communities

Your donation will help instigate and promote legal reforms and to protect survivors of trafficking.

By helping rehabilitate survivors, we empower them to rebuild their lives

Let’s work together by donating to this cause and bring Our Children home!!!

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